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In this issue you will learn a different kind of success strategy and experience 10 understandings that will help you become a Sovereign Leader. You will discover interview questions you need to be asking and identify a new way to nourish your business with The Oak Tree Strategy.

You will be introduced to The Poppycock Principles…myths and misconceptions that hijack your progress…and I reveal a habitual untruth many women are telling themselves…and there is more…more articles and stories, and a touch of original art and poetry.

Like an artist displaying their intimately personal paintings… You need courage to create a business that reflects who you are and then share it with the world…
The first understanding… 1. Leadership begins on the inside. Without the inner work, leadership, creating what you want, and building and expanding your work, is…
Everything has roots… Foundational points that feed and provide sustenance and energy to everything else that is connected to them. We are going to identify these
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