You have arrived here for a reason.

Right now, something new is waking up inside you.  You feel an ache inside. A tug at your heart. A longing for more…

More Meaning. More Ease. More Freedom. More Wealth. More Impact. More Miracles and Sacred Moments.

The call can no longer be ignored.

This is a pivotal moment in your story…

I understand...

You want to have positive impact in the the world, build on what you have already achieved and be wildly successful, but without sacrificing the things that are precious to you — like your health, happiness, sacred time, relationships, or principles.

You have rarely said this out loud…You want to be rich in every way…Financially wealthy. Emotionally wealthy. Spiritually wealthy. Prosperity in all its forms.

Yet you sense something is missing, because the full expression of what you want keeps eluding you…

This is frustrating (and it is lonely). It dulls your edge. It affects your energy levels, and how you feel about yourself.

The things you want. The longing you feel.
The big questions that are haunting you, keeping you awake at night…

What is my big meaningful work? Deep down, who am I really? What is missing? What is my highest purpose? What’s next for me? Why does it feel like there’s something “unsatisfying,” “not enough,” or “stuck” in my life? What is my true calling? How can I have everything I want? Why am I playing small when I yearn for beauty and impact? What am I not seeing?

These questions signal that you are on the brink of something amazing. It might feel stressful now, but this is your inner wisdom is calling to you, and it is time to listen like you have never listened before. This is your time. And deep down you know it.

You have done the hard yards. Now you are ready for more. And you are
ready to ditch the stress, the struggle, and the grind and instead be delighted,
and enjoy what comes next.

It is time to write that new chapter and make it more glorious, satisfying
and more successful than ever before.

My name is Philippa,

I am here to help you become the highest vibration of yourself…the most sovereign, fulfilled, glorious and fully realized version of you so you can have the more you long for…in life and in your business.

I am Coach, Mentor and Guide to Business Leaders and Accomplished Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

Clients have called me “a modern day Merlin,” a “pragmatic mystic,” “sovereign maker,” gifted healer,“business intuitive” and a “lionhearted ally,” who can “turn self-awareness and personal growth into rocket fuel for success like no-one else,” and who “clears blocks, opens doors, and helps you step into your vision with grace and ease.” 

Together we can achieve anything…

Love Philippa

Here’s how I can help you.

The Community

So, you want to be wildly successful, lionhearted and rich in every way. You want more miracles in your life. More sacred moments. More ease. More freedom. More money. More glorious. You want it all, but you don’t want to sacrifice what is precious to you.
Join me in my community
of accomplished and aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a guided audio experience (and transcript). Free. Connect with yourself and your business, create a place and space to commune with your business where you can ask questions, gain clarity on what you want and unravel what’s getting in the way. The Sanctuary will open your eyes to a new more intimate way to work with your business.

The Magazine

Download your FREE copy of
Grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up and enjoy...In every issue you will find practical, empowering and inspiring articles, stories, poetry and art to help you lead with courage and conviction, build on your achievements, boost your business success, and create the full and glorious life you crave...


Join me in the next intake of Unstoppable. A life-changing 6 month group program for visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, creators, and those who practice healing and spiritual arts who are ready for more... More freedom. More Money. More Meaning. More Energy. More Ease.
Release what is holding you back.
By the culmination of this program you will feel like a different version of yourself. Lionhearted. Limitless. Sovereign. Truly Unstoppable.

Work Together 1-1

Personal and profound 1-1 mentoring and guidance. This is where strategy meets soul, doing meets being, and ease and action co-exist. You want to live into your highest potential. Purposeful. Powerful. Confident. Rich in Every Way. You want to know who you are and you yearn for more ease, delight and positive experiences. This is the ultimate way to work together.

Sacred Boundaries

Certain people, environments and situations just seem to drain your energy away...if this happens to you, your boundaries may need tending. Sacred Boundaries is a self paced audio program that will help you reclaim your energy, make decisions more easily and take more control of your life. Stop your time, energy and peace of mind being compromised and create sacred boundaries.

In this issue you will learn a different kind of success strategy and experience 10 understandings that will help you become a Sovereign Leader. You will discover interview questions you need to be asking and identify a new way to nourish your business with The Oak Tree Strategy.

You will be introduced to The Poppycock Principles…myths and misconceptions that hijack your progress…and I reveal a habitual untruth many women are telling themselves…and there is more…more articles and stories, and a touch of original art and poetry.


Take A Sneak Peek…

Like an artist displaying their intimately personal paintings… You need courage to create a business that reflects who you are and then share it with the world…
The first understanding… 1. Leadership begins on the inside. Without the inner work, leadership, creating what you want, and building and expanding your work, is…
Everything has roots… Foundational points that feed and provide sustenance and energy to everything else that is connected to them. We are going to identify these