Oak Tree Strategy: Feeding The Roots Of More

Everything has roots…

Foundational points that feed and provide sustenance and energy to everything else that is connected to them. We are going to identify these roots so you can grow more of what you want in your life and work.

Let’s begin…

Take your time and make a list of all the things you want more of… And when you have finished we are going to use the Oak Tree Strategy™ to move you towards having those things in your life. It’s actually a lot of fun.

Sticky notes

Put all the different things you want more of in your life on Post It notes. One thing on one note.

Then stick them up on a wall or window.

What feeds what?

Now begin to play with what feeds what, what comes before what, what generates what, and what gives “fuel” to what…and move the notes around.

The idea is you eventually find one or two things that feed (give power) to the others…these are the roots of the tree…then you can arrange the other things in order spreading out in a logical sequence of connections “what feeds, fuels, powers what” to form the trunk and branches.

NOTE: If you find you have a huge number of things you want more of in your life you can divide them into different trees to help you get organized…say one for home and one for work, but there will ALWAYS be an intersecting point, and often after trying to do things separately you will eventually discover that the roots of one are also the roots of the other.

After all everything is connected.

Why do this?

When you have limited time, energy and bandwidth having a starting point, something (or a small number of things) to take action on in a focused and consistent way to help generate the momentum you need, as well as nourish growth in all the things that are connected to them. Just like the roots of an oak tree provide stability for the trunk and branches, and the water and nutrients to aid growth.

Feeding the roots always increases the possibility of the things they are connected to coming to fruition.

Some examples:
It might be that as you juggle the Sticky notes you discover a desire for “more deep connection to spirit” will feed the others…if this was so (and it might be or not be in your case), you then direct some time, energy and action into boosting and supporting this aspect of your life…you might introduce a daily practice, read a book on the subject, meditate, take a class, take time to ponder deep questions, pray, or take up art or yoga. Knowing that by doing so you also boost the possibility of having more of what this feeds further up your tree.

It might be that as you juggle the Sticky notes you discover a desire for “more consistency” will feed the others…if this was so, then you might devote some time, energy and action into systems and processes, into time tabling and planning, into routines and rituals, into one sure thing you do each day, into everyday mind, body, spirit and emotional care, into showing up more regularly or more reliably. Again, knowing that by doing so, by feeding this root, you also boost the possibility of having more of what it feeds further up the tree.

The same goes for whatever you discover are at the roots of your tree. By remembering to support this part of your life, you boost the possibility of having everything else you want more of in your life and work.

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What about the branches?

This does not mean you opt out of taking action on the things that form the trunk or the branches, that would not be at all helpful.

But as you keep working on “all the things,” knowing what lies at the roots gives you the brilliant insight you need to understand that by placing some energy here you lift all the others, and give a quick boost to all the “more” you would like to have in your life further up the tree.

The best chance of getting what you want. Giving attention to your root “more” will feed the others up the chain and help sustain the work you are doing on the trunk the branches and the leaves of your oak tree.

I have found time and again that it is the root “more” that is easily forgotten, set aside or neglected. But, when it is found, understood and put front and center this root “more,” when nurtured and sustained, shifts everything into a higher gear.

Give it a go.

See what happens.

The Oak Tree Strategy is a simple way to understand the connections between what you want more of in your life and how you can more readily achieve them by putting some energy in a place you may never have thought was important.


Love Philippa

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