If you long for more peace of mind and more lightness of being even as your heart and soul are calling you into a new chapter, greater achievements and putting your ding in the universe...

You have worked hard to get where you are…

And now you have realized a fundamental truth…

 That to maintain everything you have accomplished so far, and unlock next-level achievements…

You have discovered that doing the same thing over and over (long hours, the grind, and personal sacrifices) will not serve you…and being alone will not serve you…

You know this to be true.

You need something different.different and something more avant-garde. 

To comfortably build on your accomplishments (small and large) and at the same time remain on the trajectory to success you desire–and reap all the benefits that go with that–you recognize the necessity to create more ease, peace of mind and lightness of being in your life and work. You want to feel more courageous, present and a master of your own destiny. You know it is time to expand your awareness and understanding around who you are, as well as what you want to achieve.

Business strategy alone will not get you where you want to go.

Working with me is something very different in a world of beige business-like conformity. 

I have an extraordinary gift for accessing, working with, and translating inner work, spiritual work and self awareness into rocket-fuel for next level achievements and a glorious life…

This is the cutting edge support you need.

I was born to do this.

To help you navigate with grace no matter what’s going on around you — in your family, your career, your company, the economy — you can feel courageous and sovereign in your own skin, make wise decisions, and elevate yourself and your work to the highest level.

To help you truly enjoy and build on the success you have labored so hard to achieve, without needing to sacrifice those things most important to you; your relationships, your health, or your desire to make a difference in the world.

To liberate energy that is stuck, remove blockages and heal what needs to be healed to let good things into your life; opportunities, ideas, security, wealth, productivity, whatever is desired and whatever you need.

To vanquish the loneliness that so often comes with excellence, leadership, success and big vision, and provide the lionhearted support you need to gracefully create upleveling events in your life and work that feels amazing and serves your sacred desire for more.

To help you claim your place in the world, so together we can make this world a better place.

To lead you into the extraordinary.

I am here to help you achieve the greatness you desire: great wealth, great relationships, great work, great creations, great success, and great achievements of all kinds.

If you are ready to grow into your full power, step with certainty into what’s next, and navigate with grace and diamond clarity towards more wealth, more success and the glorious life you long for…

Let’s talk.

My Story

If I had a personal bumper sticker it would say…


When I was very young, the ability to sense things felt as natural as breathing.

I just knew that everything was connected; the earth, the trees, people, plants and animals. And I could “feel” places and “read” people. I “saw” what they needed. I knew what to say, what questions to ask, and how to help them move forward, make excellent choices, and feel better. I was a natural coach and healer.

I thought everyone could feel what I felt and do what I was doing… I never considered it unusual or as a talent or a gift… it just was.

And I didn’t imagine that, alongside a wealth of experience and formal education, it would become a major part of my career.

Despite a challenging childhood, I found ways to harness my power, become the sovereign ruler of my life...and truly thrive...

I grew up in a deeply troubled, very chaotic and exhausting family.

I needed to grow up very fast.

By age sixteen, I had left home and was surviving on my own.

Some would say it’s a miracle that I created my beautiful life and emerged unscathed.

But something saved me…

Right from a young age I worked naturally with my intuition and invisible energies. I could easily translate what I could “sense” and “see” into action in practical and intelligent ways. This has led to a life richer than I ever imagined. Perhaps most importantly, I could always tap into “who I am”, and feel comfort, certainty and confidence in that, no matter what was happening around me…

Looking back, I believe I have been able to navigate with grace through so much, because I have always used my head, my heart and my more “alternative” intuitive and healing abilities in concert…I learned how to be unstoppable, successful, and sovereign. 

"The greatest power of all is knowing yourself, and then consciously applying what you know to your life and work...that is when miracles happen..."

Praise From Clients

“The work we have done together is paying off in so many amazing ways in life and in my work. It is such a gift. Thank you. I am finally really clear and positive about the future. You have contributed significantly to that, and I am so grateful to you. I feel like a fog has lifted and I can see more clearly and now I can take steps with more grace and confidence.”
Susan Neden / Victoria, Canada
“Philippa does not let you lose sight of your vision in those moments when you have doubts or fears. She is not afraid of my dark or my bigness. She opened the way to a big bold beautiful business and helped me become stronger and more courageous.”
Pam Haley / Virginia, USA
“Our sessions together opened my eyes to who I am deep down, to what I really want to achieve in my life and to how I want my work to evolve. I was able to make clear and beautiful next steps.”
Lyndall Mitchell / Melbourne, Australia
“Working with you is such a beautiful and profound experience. Your lightness of being and healing gifts have diminished old fears, dissolved blocks and breathed fresh air into my life and my work.”
Mindy Meiering / Colorado, USA
“Philippa has a unique blend of extraordinary gifts and talents that will open your eyes to your inner world, clear blocks, open doors and help you step into your vision with grace. She will be with you every step of the way.”
Bella Casarella / Florida, USA

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