10 Understandings Essential To Becoming A Sovereignty Leader And Claiming The “More” You Desire.

The first understanding…

1. Leadership begins on the inside.

Without the inner work, leadership, creating what you want, and building and expanding your work, is inevitably self-limiting and more exhausting than it needs to be.

To create sustainable, aligned work in the world you need to seek to understand yourself on every level.

I don’t mean you have to be fully formed and enlightened to be a Sovereign Leader, but you need to understand that the more self- awareness, the more healing, the more connection to your inner world, and the more shifts into higher levels of consciousness you achieve, the greater your ability to lead and the more energy you will have.

Doing the inner work and amplifying your self-awareness increases your conscious decision making capacity and your ability to generate the results you want. It allows you to break through limits in the outer world and strategize more effectively.

The second understanding is…

2. Come to terms with your desires.

Desire is okay. Wanting is okay. More than okay.

What if desire, wanting and longing were your soul’s way of communicating with you…that pull, that desire you feel for more, that wanting, that longing…that knowing “I am more than this”…what if these were communications made with love to call you out and into the world. What if they were messages asking you to be who you truly are, and step into your unique genius.

This would mean your wants, desires, and your longings have real value and need to be listened to, identified, honed and understood, because if you just leave them, thinking that somehow it is wrong to pursue them, you just might be setting aside one of the things you need most to become a sovereign being and a Sovereign Leader…

The third understanding is…

3. Without courageous self-care sustainability is hard.

This one is easier to understand, because self-care has become a “thing,” but I add the word courageous here, because self-care operates on a number of levels…and I want to step a little bit away from the “pampering” yourself model.

Pampering is a valuable part of self-care, we all deserve that, but there is a level of self-care that goes deeper and that fuels deeper needs.

This involves self-care on an energetic and spiritual level and in making the hard decisions needed to take the exceptional care of yourself required to maintain your energy and your clarity as a leader.

Courageous self-care can include difficult, but necessary conversations, spending money on something that you know you need, bringing into your life things that make you feel outrageously happy, or doing the work necessary to have an environment that supports you…

You get the idea.

The fourth understanding is related.

4. Make the shift to wholeness as a success strategy.

When you are physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually aligned (in other words you become whole) and you then align this with realization strategies to create what you want in the world, everything is easier, everything becomes more fluid and you lose less energy.

Instead of being scattered and shining a diffuse light into the world, your message becomes more laser focussed and more easily identifiable by those that need to hear it.

The fifth understanding…

5. Satisfaction needs to take a leading role as a metric for success.

In a world where we can easily be plagued by perfectionism and by the desire to please others before ourselves, what kind of metric do we need to measure our successes big and small.

You can obviously look at how much money you earn, how many people sign up, the fact you launch something, the applause at the end of a speech, the number of likes on a post, how many zeros you have after a certain figure in your bank account…but without satisfaction all of these feel somewhat hollow and this does not serve you or your leadership aspirations.

The feeling of deep satisfaction is as important analysing the results you achieve. A Sovereign Leader is most effective when understanding that satisfaction, alongside other metrics, as a vital measure of success.

The sixth understanding…

6. Begin the process of stepping into the centre of your work.

Sovereign Leadership requires things of you. And one of those things is stepping into the center of your work.

To do this you need to understand that thinking of your work and leadership as purely linear can hold you back. Instead make the shift into seeing yourself in the centre of your work radiating out your energy, your words, your presence and your “doing” of the work.

In other words, start to see your work as far more than a series of forward steps, but as having an influence that radiates out like the ripples on a pond.

The seventh understanding…

7. Admit to yourself that you have something of value to share and give yourself permission to share it.

You are brilliant. You are magnificent. To be a sovereign leader you need to own your brilliance.

You need to learn how to really know, sense, feel, and understand that both you and your work have significant value, and that your presence on this planet has value.

You are a unique and precious being just for being you and your work is an extension of that…

You need to relinquish any excuse that this is prideful to live, love and lead from your genius, your magnificence and allow yourself to play a full concerto into the world.

The eighth understanding…

8. Invisibility will not serve you. I know you know this.

The thing is everyone harps on about how you have to be visible. Let’s just stop there for a moment.

Yes, you need to be more “visible” but essentially what this means is you need to be more present, more findable, easier to access for those that need your talents and gifts.

A sovereign being chooses how they want to be in the world. They choose how they want to be seen and heard. So, it is choosing aligned ways to be seen that will have the most power. There are no have-tos. But you also recognize that remaining invisible is also not an option.

To do this make conscious choices about how, where and in what manner you are visible, and choose safe experiments in stepping into more true and aligned visibility.

The ninth understanding…

9. Sovereign Leaders think and act with three things in mind at all times…

They consider themselves, other people, and the world in all decisions.

A Sovereign Leader is a gracious sovereign, self-aware and in touch with their own genius.

The three things a Sovereign Leader keeps in mind are…

Leading in a way that honors themselves, honors and elevates others, and has a positive impact on the world around them.

The tenth understanding…

10. Sovereign Leaders dare to hope.

The spirit of Sovereign Leadership is the spirit of hope.

Your feeling of hope…that is real…and it can be a driving force in your life and in this world. It opens the ways to new levels of possibility and to the creation of what you desire.

It is fuel for seeing beyond what is right in front of you and reaching beyond the horizon. It adds strength and power to the realization of your vision and enables you to reach for the stars, to dream and to work towards something more than the mundane. It creates the energy and the positivity required to keep striving.

Hope has been underplayed as a weak emotion, but that is not because of hope itself, but the fact people try to live their lives on hope alone without action, without engaging their intellect, their knowledge, and their skills.

Hope is a driving force behind momentum, imagining outcomes, and generating the energy you need to keep moving forward.

Far from being a weak emotion, when hope is combined with aligned action it creates a synergy that gives power to whatever you want to achieve.

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A final note

To become a Sovereign Leader it is necessary to become a sovereign being, and to do that you need to do the inner work first so you can clear obstacles, any fogginess, and the effects of manipulation and experiences that tarnish your ability to have direct and clear contact with who you are.

This makes any investment in yourself, in your health, in healing, and in self-development an important, and often indispensable part of your success strategy and a vital part of emerging as the Sovereign Leader with the influence and the success that you desire.

Love Philippa

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