Read about how my clients have experienced powerful breakthroughs and transformations, and how these are also possible for you.

Praise For Philippa

From the first time I met Philippa I knew she had something unique and valuable to offer the world. She is a visionary and a generous and intuitive mentor and healer. What she offers you is both very practical, and also wonderfully magical. She has a beautiful and innovative approach to business and leadership that begins with inner work, so you have the confidence and the tools to step into the world in a way that is aligned with who you are. She walks her talk, speaks her mind and dances gracefully through the “pretty chaos” of work and everyday life.

Her mentoring and healing gifts are profound and like nothing else I have ever experienced. She is generous and loving and the result of working with her is deeper personal insight and a clarity about being in the world and how to move forward with what you want to achieve. Philippa calls us to be, do, and have more love, satisfaction and flow in every aspect of life.

And if you get a chance… being hugged by Philippa is one of life’s great blessings!

Molly Gordon / Washington, USA

To me you are a Spirit Keeper, the benevolent mid-wife of emerging consciousness and emerging ideas. Your words are sensitive, always helpful and powerful. Most of all, to me you are the sagacious healer – the mender of ways, souls, and bodies – awakener of deeper levels of consciousness and a powerful caretaker of our world.

I sense you effortlessly lifting all who meet you through generosity and love.

You graciously share all knowledge and teach those who are ready to listen. You give with good humor and perception, and emanate a wisdom that radiates as a diamond in the sun. You believe in people, you believe in me. And that has made all the difference.

Jean Terlesky / Lethbridge, Canada

You came into my life when my ambition and my work were expanding. I was already successful, but I had bigger dreams and a very big vision. Your loving presence in my life has had a powerful and beautiful effect. You helped me feel strong, grounded and energized. I am becoming more like the real me that was just waiting to come out in my life and in my work. Everything is much clearer and feels more possible.

You work with such kindness, love and respect, which makes everything easier and it has been wonderful to experience the unique and powerful intuitive, healing and energy work we have done together. It has impacted my life and my work in all kinds of positive ways. Something has definitely and deeply shifted. I am in deep gratitude and appreciation. Your wisdom, your presence and your soul nourishing suggestions gave me clarity and a better sense of myself and your words just keep on giving.

During our work together, I became a more centred, grounded and courageous person and developed a really clear map for what I wanted to achieve next and how to get there. I felt inspired to handle critical issues in my life and business. I saw the need for conversations that had to happen to open the way forward and I even fired one web team and hired another, because I recognized that I deserved people around me who truly aligned with my values and my vision, and all is GOOD. Thank you again.

Lisa Steadman / Los Angeles, USA

Oh my. Thank you. Thank you. This work is so very, very powerful. You are a person full of grace and I am so happy to know you and work with you. Just being with you and talking with you is life changing. You speak the truth with kindness and the way you work is so genuine and inspired. I am so grateful that I followed through with the personal recommendation to work with you. Lots of Love Jeanette.

Jeanette Martin / Chanthaburi, Thailand

Sacred, positive, uplifting, inspiring and eye-opening…these are words I would use to describe the work we did together. You helped me to return to myself, move through obstacles with ease and come out the other side stronger, more compassionate and more capable. You saw who I was and helped me discover it for myself. You challenged me to trust myself and taught me techniques I am still using when I need to be more grounded, present and connected.

Andrew / Fairfield, Iowa

Philippa has been a gift in my life in so many ways. After working with her a few times, I took the plunge and signed up to work with her 1-1 for a whole year. It was a life changing, game changing and uplifting experience.

I felt cherished and supported every step of the way and never ever judged. The first part of our year-long adventure incorporated “The Essential.” This deep sacred work had me in tears… tears of happiness, knowing and understanding… it was amazing, and it changed everything in my life for the better including my work, my relationships and my outlook on life.

I have never been more focused, more motivated or more joyful. This is who I am supposed to be, sovereign and free, and Philippa was the catalyst for that. I will always be grateful for her wisdom, her skill and the time we spent together. It was worth every moment. I learned more in our 12 months together than in all the programs and experiences and learning I had taken part in throughout my life. I am now happier than I have ever been.

Ilene / Seattle, USA

When I signed up to work with Philippa I did so with the aim of identifying my priorities and building my book-publishing business, I had no idea how much more she would be able to give me and how much I would discover about myself in the process.

Her unique intuitive abilities emerged so naturally in our collaboration that it is difficult find the words to properly describe how she works. What we did together was incredibly effective, powerful and magical at the same time.

She is a truly gifted listener, facilitator and discerner who helps you go inward to uncover the truth of what you really want, and what is in the way of getting there. Then she helps you create easy and kind ways to work with what you find—all in service of bringing forth your deepest desires.

Philippa does all this WITH you. Her part in helping you birth your answers is as powerful as it is invisible. In other words, her way of guiding you to step up and out and into your Beautiful Business and expand your brilliance is to bring all her skills and talents to the table and then work alongside you and in a way that is beautifully individual. What you experience is unique to you.

Jennifer Manlowe / Washington, USA

Philippa Rowlands is the kind of ally you want by your side, a visionary and a champion of a beautiful, intelligent and profitable way to lead and to be in business. She is the refreshing voice of practical wisdom, sage advice and powerful ideas that stands out graciously from the white noise and hum-drum of business as usual. Philippa is a business evolutionary, gifted international coach, mentor, and inspirational writer and speaker. Her gifts lie in her ability to show you how to create radiant success while honoring yourself and living into your vision and ideas your way. She marries spiritual practices with business and shows women (and men) how to transcend where they are to become who they’re meant to be – both in life AND in their work.

Lisa Steadman / LA, California, USA

It was a pleasure to work with Philippa. She has a calm and steady way about her that helped me feel settled and very present at a time when I was unsettled and questioning everything in my life and in my business. She helped me get focused on what was really important and untangle other things that were creating problems. She is brilliant at separating the wheat from the chaff and in the art of identifying and letting go of unimportant, time wasting things and then increasing capacity to achieve more of what you want.

James / Edinburgh, Scotland

You have brought alive in me the long connection I have had to the songlines – the labyrinth of invisible pathways and the dream tracks that cross the world.

Susan Neden / Victoria, Canada

My energy had plummeted, and I was struggling with overwhelm and what to do next – when normally I was settled and focused. Then I found you. We did such deep and necessary work together. You held the keys to big shifts in energy, motivation and what was possible. You are such a gracious listener and powerful guide. I looked forward to our sessions, to your healing words and to just being with you. I always came away feeling better, gifted with insights, energized and with ways to implement what I learned. You opened new roads for me and made a hard time in my life easier and one of the most productive and inspiring. I will use what I have learned from you for the rest of my life. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Katarina / Germany

With Philippa’s guidance I found myself, and that means everything. I now know who I am, and what I am here to do in my creative business and in my life. That clarity and focus has made everything easier including all the decision making around business direction, how to market my work and what legacy I want to leave. Working with Philippa has given me freedom, and hope and opened up so many wonderful possibilities. She is perceptive in remarkable ways. Just being in her presence is transformational. She is a natural healer and a master at translating deep inner work into real world actions and outcomes.

Keith Dixon / Johnsonville, Tennessee

Philippa walks the beautiful line between the practical and the sacred, always anchoring the deep work in the reality of my life and business. Her presence is calming and energizing and I find myself leaving a session clear, more courageous and ready to work on the next phase of my work.

Victoria / Phoenix, USA

Philippa believed in me and what I wanted to achieve right from the start. That is such a rare and wonderful thing. I was in the creation phase of my visionary work. She helped me find courage and confidence and overcome my deep fears. I gained so much clarity and I found I could make decisions without agonizing about them for days.

Going within to create outer change was a powerful way to work. It meant that when I walked away from every session, I was not just taking away helpful actions to achieve my goals, but I was becoming a stronger more complete person and my identity was shifting to accommodate the changes that were taking place. And that has made all the difference.

Liz Gow / Whangarei, New Zealand

I have been so amazed and grateful for the work we have done together. I spent an hour or so today writing myself some guidance cards from your valuable insights from our last session. I wanted to have a way to have access to those words at any time to keep me on track and in the flow. They give me confidence, remind me of how to tap into deep wells of energy and inspire me to keep moving forward. “Philippa Wisdom” has become a cornerstone of achievement for me and my work.

You have shown me just how large I can be and how much power and light I can truly allow into my life. Your healing meditations and also the “ground and seal technique” is something I will use throughout my life. Thank you for your joyful and positive presence. You have given me the confidence in my unique gifts and an understanding of how to bring them into the world in a way that is sustainable. I see their value in a new light. It has been worth doing all the inner work to get aligned so I can build a business that I love.

Erika Cleveland / Virginia, USA

A bit of fun…
As part of the testimonial exercise for Day 3 I asked my daughter if I could share this…from when she was 5…

From the mouths of babes…

The teacher asked, “What does your mother do for work?” And then she took down this answer as my daughter talked…

She knows things and she helps people.
She sees things other people can’t see.
It’s good and a bit weird.
People really like it.
She tells them about what she sees and feels.
She listens a lot and talks a lot.
She loves people a lot.
She drinks a lot of tea.

And people always feel better.
She makes me feel better too.
Sometimes I think she is a witch, but a really smart and good witch who helps people and does good magic all the time.

Hmmm, maybe more like a superhero than a witch.

After reading this I asked my 5 year old daughter,

“If I was a superhero what would my superpowers be?”


One would be looking into people’s hearts.
You’re good at that.
You see all the good things and the….real things…. and the shiny things…and then help us see them too.
You get people what they want, what makes them happy, in good ways.

Tell me more…

When someone wants something they come to you and you work out if it will make them happy…and feel good…and if it will make them happy then you help them work out ways to get it…

ooh and… Making people feel better…you always make people feel better…and like they can do things.

“Can I have another one?”

Of course.

I think love would be one of your superpowers, because you love a lot

And hugs….

Oh and writing. You write a lot. Can that be a superpower?

If you think it is, then it is. Hmmm, okay, then it is…

My daughter Bronte aged 5

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be moved and changed by conversations and time working alongside Philippa Rowlands. She speaks to the heart and soul of life and of living. She inspired me beyond words and she opens the way to a beautiful life, leadership and a business infused with love, truth and integrity. It was synchronous that we should cross paths when we did. Knowing her has made a difference in my life, had a positive impact on my business. I am grateful for her presence in my life.

Vilasi Venkatachalam / New York, USA

I so value your radiant energy and keen powers of perception; abundant generosity; complete presence, and your full magnificence. You show others it is all right and safe to be magnificent and be seen.

Elisabeth Condon / New York, USA
Praise For My Book

I find both the content, and Philippa’s beautifully modulated writing style a joy to experience.

When I encounter an obstacle in my business I pick up your book and just open it a random page and there right in front of me is something inspiring and useful I can use…

I never expected a business book to be so beautiful, so lyrical and so powerful.

I just love the packaging. That box. Wow!

This is not just a business book. It is a book that speaks to every aspect of life.

You don’t have to be a business owner or entrepreneur to love this book…it is filled with wisdom that resonates through everything.

Each question in the book gave a new nuance and viewpoint to assess my business. I felt curious, and hopeful, and challenged in a good and positive way. It was really helpful to look at my work through the eyes of nobility – I’d never thought of this, so it was refreshing and empowering. Just the thought of being noble changed my posture and thinking when it came to doing my work.

I liked the pace and the reinforcement of things just learned as I continued to read and then answer the questions. This was very helpful. Your conviction in your readers’ ability to step into a new octave in their work is felt strongly, and that is huge, especially if someone is having doubts.

Your profound questions provided an opportunity for me to explore the idea of business and success from an entirely new perspective. The chapter where business is redefined is particularly powerful. A close examination of self and considering all the three aspects you outline helped me identify solutions to some fundamental issues that have been plaguing my business and I am eager to continue working on this and look forward to seeing how I shift within the new definition.

What a blessing. Your words are so nourishing to my soul, to my business, to this moment I’m living. I’m going to keep revisiting your words for some time, I know that.

Your book helped me by creating a space to breathe, and bring clarity to the things that I want. It created a focal point, a safe harbor and a place to stand before I reach up and fly. I can feel a creative fire burning in my heart. I am inspired, want to be seen, to create, to expand and be all I can be.

The examples were fabulous. So often examples are either missing altogether, or so simplistic as to be unhelpful. Yours felt like exactly the right level of detail and realism, and they provided concrete insights into how our personal stuff interacts with our business and back around again, and how to constructively, consciously, and beautifully use that interplay to grow both personally and professionally. LOVE IT!

I feel connected to my business in a new way and have a different connection with it than before I started. Things that seemed daunting or out of reach, now seem to have a softness to them. I feel hopeful and more at ease and the best thing is lightness and love have come back into my relationship with my business.

I had so many ” A-ha ” moments as I worked through the questions. I am not sure why, but I felt a huge sense of relief. It’s like a weigh has been lifted from my shoulders and I can see the true me in a different light. I am re-thinking what is truly important in life and in my work and paying close attention to some of the things I have neglected and left behind that used to make me feel really happy. As I read and did the exercises it felt as if a door was opening, as if the end of the tunnel was getting wider and more light was allowed to enter.

I now think about my business in a more intentional and “sacred way”. It was fun going
through the questions and re-evaluating my thoughts. Your words helped me to reflect on my vision and reminded me that I get to choose where I want to be and how I would like to lead my business.

I love how my self-awareness and business-awareness are both increased through the reframes you present. I have a strong sense that nothing is “wrong with me” in wanting a business that reflects the truest and fullest (and most beautiful and expansive) sense of who I am. I love the way you stress the daily journey of business as being as important as the destination, that the day-to-day is crucial, and that self-kindness moves you forward far more successfully than self-flagellation around your business.

This book is long overdue in assisting all of us in having a more sacred experience of life and business and in creating a more spiritual universe. All who choose to partake of this book will be Richly Blessed!

The questions are superb.

Praise For Sacred Boundaries

Your boundary course helped me establish much better boundaries in my life, based on love for myself and others, rather than in fear or anger. I find the kind of boundaries I make now are having better results. I once thought that if I started making boundaries it would result in people walking out of my life, labelling me “too difficult” or they would stop loving me. I could not have been more wrong! I now find myself having more people in my life, because I am able to approach my relationships with far more authenticity than I once would have. This alone has had a major impact on my life.

It is so frustrating I always seem to give in to my desire to please others. Not anymore. Now I can make a conscious choice about how much I want to give and when. I can stick with my choices with ease, because I understand what is happening and I have the tools to help me.

Now I have the tools to create strong energetic boundaries I feel so much more like ME. And the best thing; they don’t separate me in any way from the people I love or from the experiences I am having.

I have been a victim of energy vampires all my life, but I did not know what to do. I have tried all kinds of things, but this boundary work finally cracked the code and I can be around the people I have to be around and not get drained and exhausted anymore. That is such a gift.

More charisma. More presence. More clarity. More discernment. All of that. And More.

This approach is new and fresh and works. I was amazed how easy it became after only practicing for a few weeks.

I love the way this boundary work mixes logical straight forward thinking and deep energetic work to make sure you have loving boundaries on every level.

Everything became clearer.