Are you waiting to have enough courage? It is time to stop waiting.

Like an artist displaying their intimately personal paintings…

You need courage to create a business that reflects who you are and then share it with the world…

You need courage to lead from the heart, embrace your gifts and talents and make a stand for what you believe….

You need courage to elevate your life, aspire to greatness and build a business that is rich, full and soul-satisfying…

This is true.

But you can get so caught up in thinking that to take the big leap, to follow your desire for something greater, or to build the empire your heart calls you to build, you need to generate and gather your courage until you are lion fierce, perfectly invulnerable, armoured and strong.

And you need to do this before you begin, or before you take the next step, or before the next leap, even before you you start living.

If you waited until this was how you felt––
If you waited until you had built this level of courage––
If you spent a great deal of effort and time to become this courageous––

Opportunities will slip by you.
Time will be wasted.
Enthusiasm and momentum will wane.
And you may never get started or make that big move.

It does take courage to embrace something new, make new choices and open up to possibilities. You do need courage to take each step towards what you desire, because each step requires change.

But here’s the thing…

I believe you have enough courage within you right now to create what you want.

It takes courage to seek answers to whatever is going on in your life…and you are here seeking answers.

It takes courage to acknowledge you want more and then look for ways to achieve that.

It takes courage to get up every morning and live your life.

We all have enough courage.

It might not be the cornucopia of courage you wish you had, or be the kind of courage you believe will win you medals, or even get you noticed, but you have enough courage right now.

You don’t need masses of courage to do great things.
You don’t need tons of courage to move forward one step at a time.
You don’t need a full tank of courage to achieve your dreams.

A teaspoon of courage is enough…when you find and apply it over and over again.

A teaspoon of courage is not that hard to find even if you feel tired…

When a spadeful of courage seems to hard, and a bucketful seems impossible, a teaspoon is almost always available to you.

Just one teaspoon of courage can help you:

  • Take the next small step.
  • Try out something new.
  • Test out an idea.
  • Ask a question.
  • Preserve forward momentum.
  • Claim your space.
  • Make a new choice.
  • Move an inch out of your comfort zone
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Do the next thing on the to-do list
  • Keep going.
  • Seek information
  • Keep moving incrementally.
  • Solve a problem
  • Have a discussion
  • Hire someone

Keep in mind that you have already shown that you can find a teaspoon of courage…you are here at this moment seeking wisdom…

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And when you recognize that you can find one teaspoon of courage, then finding another is not as hard…


Eventually, with some practice, finding those teaspoons becomes easier and easier.

And momentum begins to build…


Brick by brick, step by step, action by action, one teaspoon of courage at a time you create what you long for…

Love Philippa

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