One to One Relationship

Reap the many rewards of working with me privately 1-1.

This is the ultimate way for us to work together…

Let’s work together, just you & me.

If you’re interested in working with me privately — 1-on-1 — I have two options:
The Essential (9 week commitment) and The Imperium (12 month commitment).

Read on to learn more about working together 1-on-1.

The Essential


You have reached a point in life where things seem “excellent” on paper, yet something feels “off” and unsettled.

Something is missing. Something Essential…

You are asking yourself some really big questions like “Who am I?” “What is my highest purpose?” “How can I do things differently or more easily this time round?”

Knowing the answers to these and other big questions feels Essential to you, and not having them is lowering your energy and holding you back.

Without a doubt, failing to find real answers to these essential questions is costing you peace of mind, momentum and money. After The Essential you  have the answers you seek and understand how to leverage what you discover into your brand of greatness.

The tipping point is here...

You want to do more and be more, but the last thing you want is to load more onto your already piled high plate.

You keep trying to lift a fantastic new project off the ground, take your income to the next level or have a greater impact as a leader, entrepreneur, coach or creator, but some mysterious unseen force drains your energy and holds you back from moving forward in the way you would like.

You are living with unpredictable ups and downs, twists and turns and you cannot seem to find the flow or see an easy way forward.

You feel unsettled. Lost. Or lonely. (Sometimes it’s very lonely at the top—as a CEO, entrepreneur, artist, creative, or any kind of “successful” person, you don’t have many high-level peers who can relate to your struggles.)

You want greatness in your field of endeavor and to change the world for the better, but you’re not sure about your purpose.
What is it? You long to feel clear.

If any of this describes you, I invite you to apply to work with me through a 1-on-1 life changing program called The Essential.

Together, we will face life’s big questions — Who am I, really? What is my purpose? My legacy? My next move? — we will release untapped energy and find your dazzlingly clear answers, together. You don’t have to do this alone.

“Her mentoring gifts are profound and like nothing else I have ever experienced. She is generous and loving and the result of working with her is deeper personal insight and a clarity about being in the world and how to move forward with what you want to achieve. Philippa calls us to be, do, and have more love, satisfaction and flow in every aspect of life.”


What You’ll Get

  • 1:1 Private Sessions
  • TWO DEEP DIVES (2-3hrs each)
  • 7 Virtual Meetings

* The retreat and all meetings happen online. No travel required. *

Taking Applications Now

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.
Let Me Be Your Guide.

The Imperium


The word “imperium” means “absolute power.”

In The Imperium we are not developing the power to “lord over” others, or dominate, cause pain or suffering (to get what you want) or the power to exert undue pressure on others. It is accessing the sacred power that we all possess that allows us to live life honoring our soul-work…lionhearted, sovereign, successful and free.

The Imperium is a private business and spiritual mentoring/guidance experience designed so you can emerge as the most glorious, confident, charismatic, and powerful version of yourself. The highest vibration. Calm. Unstoppable. The pinnacle of all you can be.

The Imperium is an opportunity to work with me 1-on-1 for an entire year.

Together we focus on accessing your deepest wisdom and innate power, refining your leadership, recognizing your true genius, and evolving your business so it is energetically coherent, deeply meaningful and helps you become an agent of sacred change in our world.

In the Imperium you will learn how to step fully into your kind of power, and become the sovereign ruler of your own life and a sovereign leader in your business.

Every shift. Every breakthrough. Everything you learn in The Imperium, will catapult you towards the future you want to create for yourself, for your loved ones and for the world. No holding back. No half way.

Extraordinary things can happen over the course of a full year.

The Imperium will change the way you navigate life, the way you lead, the way you set boundaries and enforce them, the way you work and the way you earn money.

You will learn how to be wildly successful, but without sacrificing things that are precious to you — like your health, relationships, or principles.

You will stop wasting time, energy, and money on things that are not in alignment.

You will feel, at long last, like your purpose is clear, your daily life is humming with gentle power, and obstacles that previously obscured your path have dissolved.

And we will heal what needs to be healed so you can move forward with more grace and ease. 

You will rise to your highest vibration.

Expect major breakthroughs and majestic victories. I’ll be right there with you to celebrate each one!

Philippa has been a gift in my life in so many ways. After working with her a few times, I took the plunge and signed up to work with her 1-1 for 12 months. It was a life-changing, game-changing and uplifting experience.

I felt cherished and supported every step of the way and never ever judged.
This deep sacred work had me in tears… tears of happiness, knowing and understanding… it was amazing, and it changed everything in my life for the better including my work, my relationships and my outlook on life. I have never been more focused, more motivated or more joyful. This is who I am supposed to be, sovereign and free, and Philippa was the catalyst for that.

I will always be grateful for her wisdom, her skills and the time we spent together. It was worth every moment. I learned more in our 12 months together than in all the programs, experiences and learning I had taken part in throughout my life.


What You’ll Get

  • 1:1 Private Sessions EVERY 2 WEEKS
  • 2 PRIVATE HALF-DAY Virtual Retreats
  • AS MUCH E-mail and Messaging Support AS YOU NEED BETWEEN SESSIONS
  • And more

* The retreat and all meetings happen online. No travel required. *

Also Included In This VIP Experience

You’ll Receive a Work Of Fine Art (Original Painting) Shipped To Your Home. This artwork serves as a talisman and touchstone, SUPPORTING YOUR PROGRESS and reminding you of who you truly are.

Places are limited.

I have one place available for 2024

Taking applications now.

Are You Ready To Rise To Your Highest Vibration?